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Hi, I'm just playing the Code Geass DS game and it seems pretty good - a SNES grapics++ jRPG in which you begin play as Kallen: yes please.

Naturally, it's in Japanese and about all I can understand is when I'm given a choice between "yes" and "no" but even then, without necessarily knowing the context, I may as well not even have that tiny bit of knowledge.

I checked on gamefaqs and there's no translation FAQ (or any FAQ at all for that matter) so I wondered if there's any Anon (or tripfag, probably a tripfag) in here that likes Code Geass and would be interested in doing a very basic translation of, say, the items and stats along with any critical choices you make (for example, before the Kallen bit there's a cutscene/visual novel part in which you get to choose what Lelouch does when apprehended by the Britannian soldiers, like in episode 1. There are 4 choices - I coincidentally chose the canonical one and they all killed themselves).

Even a full translation/ROM hack would be great - such a thing was done for Jump Ultimate Stars - though I know that's asking too much.

If anyone's interested, I can rapidshit the ROM. That, or you can google for it so I don't have to potentially break the rules (though ROM linking happens all the time in /v/).