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My idea for the hottest minami-ke doujin ever (I haven't included the storyline coz who gives a fuck):

Touma and Mako-chan are at the Minami sister's house. Kana for some reason has a strap-on dildo and forces Touma to wear it. She also somehow manages to convince Touma to have pooper sex with Mako-chan. She then holds down Mako-chan (dressed as a girl obviously) and tears his panties off. Touma then fucks Mako-chan in the ass with the strap-on in the missionary position (except role reversed with Mako-chan being the one on his back), all while Kana is holding down Mako-chan arms. Kana then sucks off Mako-chan's boner while fingering herself.

Outside, Chiaki walks past the room, when she hears the weird noises she decides to peep through the door gap . She discovers the threesome and begins to feel "hot". She begins masturbating. Fujioka was invited by Kana to the house for the usual stupid reasons and heads for the bedrooms looking for Kana. Instead he finds Chiaki pleasuring herself on the floor. She tells him that she's feeling really hot and weird. He decides to "help" her. They begin to fuck as well. During the fuck, Fujioka licks Chiaki's ahoge thingy, which causes her to orgasm. She also calls him "Papa" a few times throughout their intimate moment.

In the end when everyone climaxes, Fujioka pumps his load in Chiaki's pussy. As he pulls out, he spits once more and gets some of his hot sauce on Chiaki's ahoge. Mako-chan inside the room, climaxes as cums on his own face.

Mako-chan is left totally spaced out, as he had just been dominated by two girls.

The end.