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Hey /a/, I give up. I'm starting to get sick of shows that make my brain hurt and are boring or depressing. I'm starting to think I need a break from serious quality DEEP shows. I've always fucking hated comedy anime, and I have the urge to kill most moeblobs, but I think you're starting to win me over.
So what's a good light funny anime that isn't too stupid, too pedo, and is actually funny? It doesn't have to be devoid of cute completely but it can't be the main gimmick. No pedo shit please. Eechi not welcome either.
I've considered maybe Azumanga Daoh but I'm not sure. Is it actually funny? I refuse to watch Lucky Star, I'd rather be dead. I've seen Shin Chan on TV but the comedy just isn't funny to me, but not too bad. Chi's Sweet Home is pretty cute, but the story is just stupid.

So is there anything I might actually like? Pic animooted for your pleasure.