What Anime Movies Did You Watch Recently /a/?

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For me it’s been: Doraemon and the Robot Army, Kite Liberator 1, and Jin-Roh the Wolf Brigade.

Doraemon: I saw this on TT and viewed it as the perfect opportunity to experience one of the longest running anime in one good chunk. I wonder if this is an educational program or just pure entertainment for jap kids. Also, it was about 90 minutes long which made me wonder how much they could squeeze out of it, but they managed. I love how Doraemon is plot h4x/plot armor incarnate. That damn pocket has everything. The movie had a weird theme about God and robots. But hey, it’s a kid show and I was entertained.

Kite Lib: Great visuals. The lead and her cousin were HAWT. Awesome action. The plot was very hollow but got things moving. A lot of scenes were obviously put in to make you go, ‘what the fuck’ or incite rage, but this is from the same people who made Kite and Mezzo Forte (canon uncensored HQ sex ftw).