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Here's every *chan's /a/ in a nutshell:

4chan: The supreme ruler of all /a/, since they keep most up-to-date and have the most voice on the Internets. They are consistent with the hivemind and won't let stupid shit fly without being labeled as an obvious troll. However, their collective hivemind has manifested a following of idiots who can't make decisions for themselves and you get the same, boring discussions day after day. Although the majority of the board is a giant trollfest, it's still entertaining to browse.

7chan: The newfags of /a/. These are the guys who go to cons dressed up as Alucard year after year shouting random memes at each other. The fact that they think Bleach is good and Lucky Star is troll material shows their true lack of anime knowledge. The only plus side to 7chan is that elitist faggotry doesn't exist like it does on 4chan. However, don't expect a serious anime discussion without giving yourself brain cancer from face palming so much. As you will encounter people talking out of their ass and filling the void with emoticons.

420chan: A mixture of anime fans and people who don't watch anime. They lack in the troll department as they think Lucky Star is the only trollable anime. When you're not sifting through the Lucky Star threads that make up half of the post count, you can find the occasional loli / action / nostalgia mecha thread that no one posts in.

iichan: No one actually posts here. It's just the same 2-3 guys posting screenshots on the latest anime with the occasional 'random' images they've pulled off 2ch.

desuchan: Ranks up with 7chan's faggotry. The only difference is that everyone here has seen Rozen Maiden and has less frequent posters. You can only discuss the following three shows: Rozen Maiden, Azumanga Daioh, and SZS because half of the desuchan's user base has seen only 10 anime or less.