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>hihi guys,

>i have some kinda unfortunate news =( i'm sorry i have to take down The Tower of DRUAGA -the Aegis of URUK- for the time being =*( i feel really REALLY bad, because it's a great series and i wanted everyone to be able to watch it (and it seemed like you guys enjoyed it too!) please understand its not gonzo's fault or anything and that gonzo and CR are working hard to bring you the rest of the episodes so you can continue to enjoy watching it on crunchyroll!

>it's been super exciting for crunchyroll to be a part of the anime revolution. CR wouldn't be here without all of you and your support, so please understand that i'm working really hard to make CR better and better every day so bear with me!!

>the good news is, BLASSREITER is still up, and it looks pretty darn awesome~ it has a lot of cool action scenes (i'm starting to love motorcycles ;P), as well as good drama involved, at least from the first episode and i hear it gets much more exciting =D

someone remind me again how this site secured a 4 million dollar investment.