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Ooooooh HELL no, homie! This shit ain't fly. Now, I don't mind them niggahs animatin' pr0n and literary classics over there in Japan, but stay the fuck away from our Christmas, you heathen mothafuckas! You don't even believe in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, yet you fuck around with his birthday like it be some of yo pathetic Shinto shit that you hawk away for a few yen just to screw some idolatrous barbarian countryfolk out of some of his grocery bill. Jesus ain't yo goddamn God, and everybody with half a goddamn brain knows that Santa stays the fuck away from yo pagan island nation ever since the Rape of Nanking!

Fuck you, you commie, anti-Jesus, slant-eyed sons-of bitches! And stay the fuck away from our Christmas!!!!

Fuck Japan!!!