.hack GU Trilogy

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The movie felt very rushed and many plot elements were not explained, as expected of an attempt to squeeze two and a half games into 90 minutes. The only thing about the movie that was surprisingly annoying to me, though, was how much they skewed Ovan's and Yata's characters. In the games, Ovan is the Machiavellian plotter that gets everything to go just as he envisioned, and Yata is a mere pawn in his machinations. Yet in the movie, they up-played Ovan's meanness and toned down his plotting genius, making out Yata to be the one who saw everything in his scenario. This was a very NOT welcome change. The other drawbacks were all pretty understandable given the time constraint, though. But I still would've liked them to give some explanation of the fake Tri-Edge. As it stands, someone watching this movie without having played the games will have no idea what's going on most of the time.

If there's one thing I commend the movie for, though, it's the cool fight scene between Haseo and Ovan near the end, due not only to how cool it looked but also to it being the climax. Volume 3 of the games tacked on a bit with Cubia at the end that, while being well-explained, felt too much like it was just being put there for the sake of fanservice to players of the earlier .hack games. That said, I didn't like the final outcome with Ovan and his sister, but that's consistent with the cop-out .hack// G.U. Returner did despite the games giving Ovan a pretty fitting goodbye (even if it was part of the whole Cubia thing), so there's not much of a way around that.