Code Geass

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Turn 2: Plan for Japan Independence.
- Leloche remembers who exactly is he now and how does he come to lose his memory.
With anger for revnege he mobilized the troops to defeat the Britania.

Turn 3: The captured academy
Leloche has a brother in the academy: Rollo.
However Nannaly, his sister suppose to be his only family....

Turn 4: The Gallows of the Counterattack
Gilford, the Britania's knight challege Zero into a fight,
if he refuse he would kill off Zero's friends who are imprisoned.
Gilford is a skilled knight and in one-on-one Zero do not stand a chance.
However Zero accept the game.

Turn 5: KOR
One of the strongest in Britania and Leloche's oldest friend, Kururugi Suzaku has visit the academy.
The reason why he came to see Leloche is...........
Meanwhile, the student council chaotic preparation for Suzaku's welcome party has begun.