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Dear /a/

I've been thinking of doing a Lucky Star Sienfeld video but I'm having some trouble deciding the roles

Since Konata is the main character of the show, one could argue that she would be the "Jerry" of the show. However, Jerry is often protrayed as the straight man to George, Kramer, or even Elain's antics. Konata is obviously NOT the straight-man type character. If anything, she more closely resembles George for various quirks an neurosises.

Kagamin, being the closest example of Lucky Star's straight man would probably then be better suited to play the role of Jerry despite her not being the main character. However, due to her possible romantic link to Konata she may be better suited for the role of Elain

Tsukasa might make the best Elain since she's the only one besides Miyuki that doesn't exhibit any of the peculiar character traits exhibited in Kagami/Konata. She however doesn't have any romantic link to Konata like Elian did for Jerry so that may be a problem

Miyuki would be Kramer. She's not the wacky nieghbor type but she isn't around much and is the tallest of the main four characters (much like Kramer).

What do you anon's think?