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Animation & Sound: 2
The only reason I didn’t give them a 1 is because the series is in color. I am used to watch really old series with pathetic graphics and sound, but this one proved to be a challenge even for me. How much time did it took to sketch a human or demon figure? 10 seconds? And those voice-activated special moves, don’t they stick better in mecha series? It made me appreciate many old series I disliked for their graphics.

Story & Characters: 3
Demons from the pre-Ice Age era awaken and plan to become the top of the food chain again by removing humanity from the picture. Their leader sends his top beast, Devilman, to open the path of destruction for other demons to follow and finish the job. Devilman possesses the body of a young man, in order for him to hide into human society and adjust to the climate. Seeing the man being deeply in love with a next-door girl, he slowly begins to have feelings himself and decides to betray his master.

Up to this point, the story is great. But thereafter, nothing really is going on. On each episode, a demon attacks and Devilman fights him. No story continuity, no character development, no battle strategy, and no conclusion. It’s a good idea that was left stale.

Value: 10
As I said, Devilman is the first supernatural anti-hero. He paved the way for the rest. Can’t give it less than 10.

Enjoyment: 1
Stale, boring and pathetic. Can’t give it more than 1. I suggest you watch a few episodes and then move to the sequels, where you get a lot better graphics, sound and some character development.

I ensure you that the premise of Devilman can be easily found in a billion recent action series (mostly Shonen), where some heavy dude or cynical emo guy plays it uncaring with the world but ends up saving it for some avenging reason or to save his chick.