Kafuka's massacre

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so /a/, we all know kafuka's batshit insane, and i personally like the idea that she kills everyone. the question is how would she go about it?

following are just some ideas, i'm probably missing a few chars, and some i'm drawing a blank on

sensei - hangs him, making it look like he finally succeeded in suicide

tsunetsuki - finds sensei dead, lover's suicide

rin - kills her with her own katana

majiru - killed in front of hiki

komori - (i can't do it, she's mai waifu)

guilt-tan - guilt tripped into seppuku but can't finish it after seeing the bloody mess she made and starts apologizing

chiri - whipped into a proper frenzy, then shown guilt-tan's fail in seppuku and talked into giving the proper demonstration

abiru - tricked into pulling the tail of a rattlesnake

nami - dies in her sleep (or a car accident) what's the normal way to die anyways?

fujiyoshi - god i dunno, something with gay sex

maria - is really a boy, fucking meme

meru - cellphone explosion

pantsu - no idea

evil-tan - no idea

wife-tan - husband beats her to death?

whale-tan (net idol) - harpoon?

invisible guy - dunno, couldn't care less