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Now that I've thought about it, I do find it highly unlikely that they will ever end up together. They are too different to begin with to even notice each other on any emotional level. Kaere keeps worrying about appearances as the dichotomy of her ego terrorizes her social surrounding; Meru-chan could not really reach out to anyone as her real self so she keeps hiding behind the mask of hateful insults. They're so right for each other and yet so horribly utterly wrong in various ways. I mean, come on, it is there for everyone to see that their affair would be a total train wreck. Yes, I will say it once again from the bottom of my heart: "NOTHING GOOD WILL EVER COME OUT OF THEIR LOVE, only depression, emotional agony and despair". Love just doesn't magically change everything even if the pieces seem to fit almost perfectly. In a way love is just like money. You got it and hold on to it, but deep down it rarely changes anything. And yet money makes the world go around, just like love dictates the direction our lives. What can you do? The depression is coming for sure and the value of dollar just hit an all time low. How am I supposed to go on like this?