How Anonymous Relates to Kaiji

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Alright /a/, I've made an observation. Enjoy your despair.

Good old Anonymous is just like Kaiji here when it comes to finances. When I was looking at the growing lower class in America and the merging middle class and the common financial strains that we all share in. This maybe me break down a couple ideas that I had floating around in my head.

I can imagine that for someone like a young male Anonymous, you typically don't have a lot of money to your name. You might have a part-time job that pays an average of $8.00 or $9.00 an hour, just like Kaiji does. Any of us are on the verge of becoming in debt, whether it's going to school, having a car accident, or wasting our money on videogames or anime. Credit cards have an 18% interest rate. Crime is also relatively common, so even becoming involved in underground dealings is likely if any of us come in contact with black market scenarios. The worst part is, this is the kind of life you're subjected to if you fail education for some reason, which is common among NEETs on the internet.

Add in the variables like the lack of health care in America, so if any Anonymous doesn't have health insurance and becomes injured by falling off the beam at Starlight Road, he might be dragged down in legal fees and treatment. I knew someone who had their car stolen.

You pretty much need to do what Tonegawa says and go through school so you can get a stable job, since business are sending jobs overseas to cut costs. I know that Kaiji cannot be the only one of us going through something as serious as debt or financial hardship.

What are you prepared to do for victory, Anonymous?

Zawa Zawa