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So let's discuss new shows that are fully new, as in, not sequels.

To-Love-Ru reminds me of UFO Princess mixed with other generic shitty fanservice blah blah the only fucking show that ever pulled it off was Onegai Sensei.

Itazura na Kiss could be interesting if they work the tension right and don't rely on the guy seeing her panties and her calling him a pervert. Irie seems like the type of guy to stop a bitch before she hits him and then explain the position, turn around, and walk away, with the akagi theme, wind, coat, etc.

Tower of Druaga's first episode was a dream so we can't be too sure how it will end up but it's like what, a serious .hack? Are they playing a game or is it real? If it was a game, would it not be full of "lol ima pwn u n00b"