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I'm trying to understand this series.
Ok so from my thinking:

1) Gendo Ikari didn't want the Old Men's version of Instrumentality. He wanted to use Adam in his palm, to merge with Lilith in order to just instrumentalize himself with his dead wife, (at the same time preventing the old men from killing everyone).
2) Shinji after killing the last angel, was given the choice of liquifying everyone by Rei.
He chose Instrumentality at first, causing everyone to merge. But later on he changes his mind, and now everyone is given the option to come out of the LCL. He and Asuka were the first to come out.
3) From the last scene, it seems the world if fucked. The oceans are tainted with LCL, absolutely no wild life or plants are visible. Even if people decide to come back, they will starve to death.

Basically, Shinji made the wrong decision and destroyed the world. Both he and Asuka will eventually starve to death or die of thirst.

--- Am I right?