Neon Genesis Evangelion

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Alright I went to Blockbuster to get some Anime movies since I was fucking bored.
So pratically what caught my eye was Neon Genesis movies.There was the both of them:Death and Rebirth,and the End of Evangelion.
I was excited and took those movies.Found out about the storyline.Okay so the shy quiet soft-spoken girl is Rei,Asuka is the determined loud-mouth and Shinji is the perverted depressed Japanese boy who hates unessesary violence.But I just finally figured out that those movies were rewrite from the Anime series.In the first movie,it just showed the Character's relationship related and how Shinji can kick the other Angel's ass easily but felt guilty afterward,then crappy Violen music was between the themes.The second movie was interesting though,the part I admire most was the violent part Asuka had to go through-Fighting each Angel for 20 seconds and then falls into a somehow coma and then doesn't want to die-and then overcomes with her inner strength.Seriously though,what frightened me that the tubes containing cloned Evas.What the fuck?Anyways I did NOT have enough time to watch the last chapters since it was late.Anywho,I skipped the last chapters and saw the final chapter,to the part realizing that Shinji's mother was that pale maniac ghost.But the only last part that I remember that Shinji was looking that he was choking Asuka,and they were in the universe in the red ring or whatever.Then Shinji held Asuka's cheeks and stared at each other for a long time and then...THE END.
What the fuck?I was seeing that they had a terrific storyline but they had a shitty ending.So,tell me what else I had missed in the movie before the ending occured and also...why was Shinji and Asuka in the universe atop of the red line?I'm confused.
And are the episode continuing?
And who did Shinji fall in love with more?
And why did that slut commander kissed him deeply before she died?