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Why does everyone keep saying that the Hellsing ova is better than the tv series?

Animation wise it's just newer. The ova had more trouble with facial inconsistency and over gangly limbs than the tv series had. Also, although I know they were there in the manga, I didn't think the stupid reaction shots with the weird backgrounds fit very well. Since ovas tend to do better on the special effects side I was hoping that Alucards shapeshifty black stuff would become more fluid, but all I got was a 3d centipede texture.

Seras Victoria became a goofy secondary character.

I thought maybe it would be because the ova had an actual conclusion, but the ova ending was even more of a cliffhanger than the tv ending. Also what was up with major i-like-war guy and his "Ah, Alucard has defeated another one of my minions.... Just as planned!" ?

Why do people think the ova version is better?