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/a/ - Anime & Manga

1. All images and resulting discussion should pertain to anime or manga. For long-term series discussion, please refer to the /anime/ board.
2. The use of spoiler tags is highly recommended. To spoilerize text, enclose it like so: spoiled text. In addition, images may be spoilerized by checking the "" box on the submission form.
3. Purposeful spoiling of a series may result in post deletion and temporary banishment.
4. The discussion of "live action" television shows is permitted so long as they are distinctly rooted in, or based off of an anime or manga series.

Wow, for some reason there isn't a rule saying "You are not allowed to post a joke that has been posted before, especially if I, the anal retentive moderator of great faggotry, do not approve of it personally. If it has been posted once before, it is automatically a forced meme!"

I was following the rules

Don't get let your emotions overcome your logic

Don't get butthurt

It's not good for you, Mr. Moderator