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There was this anime I watched a while back, and can't remember the title of; I thought if I'd lurk enough someone will bring it up at some point but it seems /a/ doesn't discuss it at all. Anyway it was about this guy with heterochromic eyes, and he had a sister, I think she was deaf or mute. It looked like an average high school drama but then the guy found a gundam, and he started a war against the uhh Nazi Empire or something, I mean they had this GAR fuhrer person who shouted HAIL alot, so I'm pretty sure they were nazis. There was also this green haired girl, kind of chubby, liked uhh hamburgers alot if I remember correctly (the whole show was packed with McDonalds adds). The main character was fighting against this japanese person, who had a gundam too, and in the end they were aiming guns at eachother and shouting really loud. Ending was a cliffhanger, I hope there'll be a second season someday, but I don't even remember what it was called, so yeah.

Shirayuki not related but always relevant.