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As we all know, dub note will be on soon, and there will probably be 10 samefags bumping a single thread, making it look like /a/ is in chaos (Exactly as planned, mirite?). That topic will be a magnet for all the retarded newfags, so I propose we have a good discussion thread while we're they're all being fags.

I'd like to discuss the Pokémon anime's current state. Now, we all know Season 1 was good, then it went to hell from there. Johto Journeys, Hoenn Saga, etc., were all pure and utter crap that deserved to be send in a trash ball with One Piece and Bleach. However, it may just be me, but does it seem like around the middle of the D/P season, Pokémon is starting an uphill climb? Usually I chore myself to get through the episode, but it seems like the episodes are getting more and more enjoyable.

Pokémon Hunter J is a ruthless whore that burnt down an entire forest, and when Ash was on her ship, she sent him out the hatch. If that stupid Pokémon Ranger wasn't there, Ash would have been severely hurt or died due to the fall, yet Pokémon Hunter J didn't feel remorse; in fact, she smiled a Death Note-type smile the entire time.

Also, the plot seems to have risen from "no plot" to "better than Naruto", which is a step up in the right direction in my eyes. Plus, loli Jesse is adorable.