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Oh hey guy,

Having fun watching Princess Tutu?

I remember it was around a year or two ago. I picked Princess Tutu because it was easy to find on streaming video websites, also for the reason it was undeniably a steaming pile of shit. I began creating threads every other day. First I'd start the thread then I'd reply at least 3 times to the thread all in 15 minute intervals. "Yeah! Tutu is awesome" "Best anime ever!" would be the things I would type. At first they were met with the expected sage and "wtf shitsucks" type reply. It was tedious work but it all payed of when after a few weeks, amazingly, /a/non stopped the sage and began to agree with my twisted illusion of status quo. Next thing I know /a/ is sucking Princess Tutu's wet cock. "/a/ loves tutu" "it's like guitar ninjas, LOL" " check out this cool amv, they're dancing XD!". It's hilarious to see all you tools watching some shit sailor moon rip off with fucking ballet just because you think everyone else likes it. And the worst part is that you guys actually force yourselves to enjoy it. I'm fucking laughing all day an night. I don't even fucking sleep anymore I just keep laughing until I pass out.

tldr: Check out the the complete princess tutu box set, only 25$!