Cold Hard Facts About The Anime Industry & Anime Fandom

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1: Japan & Asia are culturally 180 degree the culture of America and the West.

2: Anime is NOT big in Japan.

2a: Bandai Visual USA stated that only 2% of the viewing public watch anime.

2b: The really popular anime in Japan are stuff like Shin-chan, Bleach, PreCure, and One Piece.

3: Badly done animu is the reason why the industry's being destroyed.

3a: Fansubbers are merely shedding the light on said titles.

4: Anime is not even big IN America and the West.

4a: A bunch of conventions here and there. But be smart, friends. Try comparing that type of fandom to something like Star Trek Wars, automotive shows, toy shows, comic shows, religious gatherings, et al.

5: Not everyone buys anime.

5a: Smart people with money would never buy anything so ill-conceived and crappy.

5b: Or; they'd atleast either buy pornography or hookers.

6: Funimation is named the best anime vender out.

6a: Because their catalogue doesn't consist of shitty animu like Geneon (which closed down).

7: Last but not least: The cake is a lie. Move on, people. Connect with friends and work for some REAL sex.