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Don't know if it is a thing everyone knows but me, BUT WHAT THE HELL IS THAT NRRRWHRRRNRRWHRRRRRR NRRRWHRRR SOUND IN THE BACKGROUND OF EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ANIME IN EXISTANCE, paranoi agent or whatever that crap anime it was used it all the time, princess monoke had some spots with that sound, cowboybeepbop throwaway episode with the slime had it. EVERY AFUCKING ANIME HAS THAT DAMN FUCKING NOISE IN IT, WHEN WHEN, IS IT SOME KINDA JAPANESE CONSPIRACY TO TURN ME INTO SOME WEEABOO FAGGOT? I've somealways hated anime but watched some out of pure imsomnia, and now three weeks later I've seen every fucking anime in existance. AND IT HAS TO BE DUE TO THAT FUCKING NOISE. THAT FUCKING NOISE WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT FUCING NOISE. IT MAKES ME WANT TO NAIL ALL OF MY ANIME TO THE FUCKING WALL SO I WILL NEVER HAVE TO HEAR THAT SHIT AGAIN.