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I want to like Shippuuden. Really, I do. But...well,/a/, let me tell you a story.

I made a friend when I got to college. He was a douchebag sometimes, but who isn't? Trouble was, I started noticing his douchebaggery more and more. Eventually, I cut him off for being a faggot. I was not shy telling people what a dick I now thought this guy was. So one day this guy comes into my room when I wasn't there, dumps a trashcan out on my bed and squirts a bottle of hotsauce all over both my and my roommate's stuff. Then he came and found me, told me what he had done, and asked me to give him a hug. "Let's be friends again", he said.

When I see Naruto gazing longingly at Sasuke and telling him to come back to Konoha and be his friend, all I can see is that douchebag's face.

Narutofags, discuss.