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Serious question: Is there anything else out there remotely like Ai-Ren?

Ai-Ren affected me in ways a manga never has. It was, of course, an emotional rollercoaster, as it is infamous for. But the entire thing had an air of profound meaning to it. It seems like there's an incredible number of things being said. And yet, it's difficult to communicate the feeling it evokes in words, or to describe any message to it without becoming self-referential. I just really don't know how to say this - there were so many points where I just kind of sat back and went "whoa." Maybe if you've read it too, you know what I'm talking about?

Alongside that, there was a sort of dark beauty to it, similar, I guess, to certain novels, such as Earth Abides and The Road.

If anybody understands what the hell I'm going on about, is there anything else out there in the same vein?

tl;dr: Ai-Ren blew my mind in ways I can't even describe, and believe me I'm trying my damndest to describe them. Moar liek this.