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I masturbate while taking a dump because it feels like a man is slowly taking his dick out of my ass.

I masturbate whenever I have diarrhea because it feels like a blazing hot vomit enema.

i pick off my toenails and rip the first layer of skin off my feet because it feels good, i havent had toenails for a year now because i dont let them grow

I eat my toenails even though they taste of sweat, then bite the skin around them. I also pick my nose and eat it.

I fucking hate Cirno. Whenever I see Cirno, I want to fuck the living shit out of him, but in a hateful, violent way. He pisses me off with his idiotic conversations and attention whore bullshit. I hate how he wears next-to-nothing, and always has his dick hanging out, but we aren't supposed to even remotely lead on that we all want to fuck his brains out; he wants us to love his horrible, stupid, petty personality. I fucking hate him. Don't get me wrong, when I see Cirno, I want to fuck him like everyone else. The difference that I also see him and hate him with every fiber of my being, and desire nothing more than to fuck him and belittle him, hit him and degrade him.

I just had consensual heterosexual sex with my wife in the missionary position using two layers of condoms.