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ITT your dream animu.

Personally, I'd love a 12 episode series about some Allied soldier's life during the Third Battle of Ypres. And I think I know exactly how the episodes would be planned out.

1: New recruit signs up in his hometown, gets basic training, propaganda, and a gun. Gets shipped out to Ypres.
2: Newbie gets to meet the trenches
3: Newbie gets to meet an enemy artillery bombardment
4: Newbie gets to charge across no-mans land. Barely survives and chokes a German soldier to death with his bare hands.
5: Newbie gets to meet Mr. Mustard Gas. He also gets to learn the great method of surviving a Poison Gas attack: peeing into a sock and holding it up to your face.
6: Newbie gets an early gas mask and tries to man a machine gun while trying not to suffocate to death.
7: Newbie gets another go at charging German lines. More casualties, more stabbing, more gas.
8: Newbie gets taken in by a Mark IV crew because one of their gearsmen suffocated to death. After all the propaganda he's seen, he finally sees a tank up close. He nearly suffocates inside the tank as well.
9: More Mark IV combat. Tank gets immobilized in liquid mud, Newbie nearly drowns in the stuff.
10: Newbie gets sent to suppress a French Mutiny. Nearly gets strangled to death by a French Officer.
11: Newbie has to man a machine gun position again. German soldiers break his trench position and his company is forced to fall back.
12: Newbie and his company are ordered to take back the trench in a final push to Passchendaele. He's shot, falls in the mud, and dies of a mixture of drowning and blood loss.

Animated by SHAFT.