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this shit pisses me off so baaaad. i coe on 4chan, rite? and everyone loves gokU! its so gay. but nobody gets that saiyans hax their powers through healing shit, its gay. piccolo tries really hard in bad situations that require maximum skill.

but nobody gets that, so piccolo is weak to the youth of america and thats bad thing. he is a good guy and fights hard.

this is why piccolo>>>>>goku>vegeta>tits>applesauce

1.he is a good fighter, camne from space
2. he does good job
3. plays checkers and is good but not rly good
4. when friends dying he does good stuff to fight
5. knows special beam cannon, which is better than gay-me-ha-ha (lol get it?)

so thats why piccolo is so good. you under now why he is so powerful against bad guys and should be nown more for fighting good bad in good situations that are good. his friends are gay