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Slowass here, I just finished watching every episode of both Akagi and Kaiji. I watched Kaiji in hopes that by the time I watched Akagi the subs would be out. I was wrong ;_;
Anyway, have some unsolicited opinions. No I am not trolling.
Kaiji was by far the more entertaining show. Although it was considerably more cliche and kind of silly, it was never boring. Kaiji's kind of a pussy but I love him for it.
However, Akagi is a very, very boring show. I don't even like the character that much. Akagi has like 2 emotions, and 90% of the time it's just him looking stoic and calm. Boring. Sure he's a badass, but I don't really care.
As for plot, Akagi draaagged and draaaagged and eventually went nowhere. I don't get how anyone could like this show at all. I don't have ADD, I paid as much attention as possible, but I'm not a gamer and I could never understand Reach Mahjongg in a million years.
Kaiji's games were a lot simpler and easy to follow, although the card games kept making me feel like I was watching some typical shonen trading card shit, but fortunately it wasn't nearly that bad.
Overall it's clear which series is better. Akagi may have been more serious and intelligent, but it's a fucking snorefest. I don't know how I managed to get myself to watch the whole thing.
I would recommend Kaiji to others but definitely not Akagi. You were wrong, /a/.