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So, /a/, what the fuck is this crap? I know /a/ doesn't excatly have the best track record for likeing good anime, but Jesus Christ.

A couple months ago people where going ape shit over how horrible the dub was, and how it ruined the series blah blah blah. I thought, "surely it must be decent if /a/ gets this butthurt" so I download the first four episodes.

I've never seen a more generic harem in my life. "IS IT OKAY IF I FALL EVEN MORE IN LOVE WITH YOU?" "I JUST WANT TO COOK AND CLEAN FOR YOU FOREVER AND EVER" I think I fucking gagged. Am I supposed to enjoy watching some random boring generic asshole have girl fawn over him and the deities themselves choose him to be their successor and marry their hot daughters who are...apparently childhood friend characters that he's forgotten?

So unless it all the sudden goes craaa~zy at the end with awesome fucking ninjas, I'm calling bullshit.