Gonzo thinks they can compete with fansubbers...

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LOL @ Druaga


Download The Tower of DRUAGA -the Aegis of URUK-
Episode 1, "The Great Tower of Druaga" (332.6 MB)

Make any donation to download a high quality version to play on your computer and keep! You get to decide whatever amount you wish to help support the awesome creators, GONZO, and Crunchyroll in bringing you new stuff!

As a bonus for those who donate $2 or more, you will be able to download .H264 encoded versions for the PSP and iPod.

All donators will also get the official badge of Jil from the series. Everyone who donates $5 or more gets the special animated badge!

CR streaming quality sucks. Official HQ Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vgQ6WJ8zhQ&fmt=6

Subs don't look bad. Their English is pretty good, at least, and the font isn't ugly. Also, going by the date on the Youtube video, the subs appeared three days before the raw did.. a new record? :X

Getting the generic fantasy BS out of the way in the first episode, I hope. It had more comedy than I thought it would; hopefully that was just for this episode.