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Code Geass Ep. 1 S2 details leaked.

Some eleven at 2chan already saw the first ep. and gave some details. I'm not that good in moon so I'll translate what I can. He refused to put it on share. Sunrise knows about him seeing the ep. before the 6th of April.

-Code Geass does not continue with the Suzy vs. Lulu standoff. It continues on Ashford where it seems that everyone forgot about what happened before. Everything is as it was before the assault on Tokyo. So Brittanians everywhere.
-Rolo lamperouge is introduced in a scene while he's helping Rivalz with his motorcycle. He seems very "gentle" (uke/FABULOUS). Freely interpreted it means that he is acting like Lulu's bitch.
-Pizzabutts is confirmed alive and eating Pizzahut® pizza.
-Nunally is back as well. It's hinted that she has Geass too.
- The OP also said that there was a small difference in artstyle in comparison to S1, for the better. More detail and slightly less shoujo-like
- The new Knightmares look more like "gundams on rollerskates" now.
- The Chinese will make their entrance in CG. Their style is mixed empirial/communist. Their knightmare frames look cheap and inferior to the Britannian ones

The original post isn't there anymore because I was a slowpoke. At first, I didn't want to spoil it for the rest of you guys, but now, I do.