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I'm suffering from epic boredom /a/. Boredom due to the lack of epic. I think I've read all the epic manga there is to read. I'm dying for a new series. Many of the ongoing series I've long since stopped reading due to apathy (Berserk, GANTZ, Vagabond, Shamo, Bleach, Naruto, Onepiece, Detective Conan etc) and some of the completed series I've read several times (Monster, GTO, Kenshin). Other completed series I haven't been able to finish due to the same apathy (20th CB, YKK). I guess I need a fresh new series to kickstart me back into reading manga. Does anyone know a good/epic series? Can be shounen, can be seinen. I've heard some good things about Eyeshield 21 but I'm hesitant to start it.