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The tension that had begun from the first torturous tickles, that had built through countless kisses; the tension that had peaked when her most sensitive flesh met the seeking tongue of the tall girl, now rushed out of Yutaka’s small body in a single cry “Minami!” Her small butt slammed into the damp comforter, the power leaving her body as she sank, only to reflexively shoot up again as the first wave of electricity shot through her body, snapping her muscles rigid, leaving only her shoulders, head, and feet on the bed. Yutaka’s vagina squeezed tight, squeezing out her lover’s tongue along with a jet of girlcum, which Minami caught as she suckled the spasming girl’s hole. Yutaka cried out with every powerful spasm, her voice escaping her body with the tension, her twitching vagina oozing the essence of her love into Minami’s mouth as the powerful encounter drained her body in every way. Spasms gave way to shivers, Yutaka’s body crumpling loosely onto the comforter. Minami lightly kissed her lover’s oversensitive sex, her tongue cleaning it of Yutaka’s cum; savoring the evidence of their lovemaking. Content with her work, the tall girl rested her cheek on Yutaka’s pelvis, hugging the small girl’s hips as they both caught their breath.