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Kaiji is the awesomest currently airing anime.

The show is extremely suspenseful, packed with drama, and features a unique art-style that adds freshness to a medium which can sometimes suffer from being too indistinguishable from one shows art to another. On top of the art and the suspense, Kaiji constantly engages the viewer by playing guessing games and trying to out-think the other characters, thus creating an effect which helps the viewer empathize with Kaiji's conflicts by getting the viewer more involved with the story. The story itself emphasizes several dark and mature themes relating to the very basics of human nature such as life and death, self-interest versus altruism, society's class structures, and even proposes to make the viewer think about that ephemeral question, what is the meaning of life?

It's an awesome show, and a welcome change to some of the anime's we might normally find ourselves watching.