Saw The Finale (repost for night /a/)

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Man I was impressed. If it were not for the obvious plot holes that the second season should fill in, and if there was not a Gundam franchise to speak of, I would have been happy with 00 ending there. I feel the director did a good job of doing his own thing instead of falling into 'Gundam traditions.'

I'm also happy with the decision to place a physical sword on the Exia. One of my favorite things about 00 were scenes where Exia completely slices his opponent with vicious slashes from up close.

I am worried about the second season however. Besides that red head bitch being back(RAGE!) it looks like season two will be more traditional. The Federation is back, and the newer gundams have a style reminiscent to what we would normally see. Although it's good for nostalgia, I loved the original designs seen in season one and wanted that to continue.

Anyways, I'm going to give big ups to Sunrise and Tomino for taking this Gundam in this direction. It's too bad 00 is always compared to previous titles as it very excellent in it's own right.

tl;dr - Gundam 00 season 1 was awesome, but season 2 might suck