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The Hawks had stopped at a market during there travels to see the sights and to load up on supplizes. As they wanderd the Bizarre the came across a large crowd of people gathered around vegetables, totally engrossed. “What’s going on?” Caska inquired. “Vegetable judging” Responded a portly woman near them in the crowd “We take a great Pride in the produce of this Village.” On display before them was a Cucumber that was easly 16” long. “Wow” Caska Breathed, “I’ll take one of those!”
“Indead” Echoed Griffith.
“What was that?” Guts replyed.
Guts leaned over and whispered in his ear, “So you want more than my 14in?”
Griffith Bushed and turned away. “Well all these Veggies are making me… Hungery.”
Guts Laughed and then said “well lets get back to camp then” as he winked at his white haired leader.