Afro Samurai

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With the second, and apparently, third seasons annouced, as well as the upcoming 360/PS3 game, I've recently become fascinated with this series again. It was a really cool show, I thought, incredibly well-made and stylish, and while it caught some shit from people for its story being kinda straight-forward, I thought that it worked for the show, and it made up for the linear story with fascinating characters, lots of interesting symbolism and an interesting world, all of which it'll be cool to learn more about in the upcoming enrties in the series. Likewise, it served to remind me of the goold old days of anime; it had a dark, violent vibe I haven't gotten from anime since the good old stuff of the 80's and early 90's like Ninja Scroll and Akira. And I began wondering; what does /a/ think of Afro Samurai? So, /a/, what's your opinions of this show?