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Chi's New Home - Chi finally finds her mother. In this time Chi has matured into a healthy young feline. Her mother has been searching for Chi ever since their separation. Haggard and worn from old age, she collapses on the ground dead moments before Chi is able to run to her.

In Chi's mourning, she is not able to realize that her mother has died on top of a curbside. A car, barreling around the corner, cannot stop in time to avoid the cat, and ends up killing Chi.

Rozen Maiden - Rozen is actually a prick with an ulterior motive, to use his dolls in order to bring himself back to life.

The concept of Alice is a lie and all of the Rozen Maidens lie on the ground dead as Rozen calmly laughs, savoring Mii-chan, Jun's and Tomoe's tears.