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Japan : doing ..animated cartoon large country.. kiddie porn simplicity possession restriction and the destigmatization.

The Liberal-Democratic Party agreed discussing the this problem in the subcommittee by "'Simplicity possession' collected by the hobby was added to the punishment object" like this on April 2.

It agrees and it is thought that the amendment bill is submitted to the Diet in bilateral also in Komeito.

Discussing it also in the Democratic Party is about "There is a political situation at the present stage, too and do not exist not indescribably" ..[susun;iru].. so that means.

The point with "Lead to the abuse of the investigation right" goes out of the opposition party the this problem before and the Diet submitting of the bill has been put off.

On the other hand, it is caught as "Child pornography large country" though Japan is admitted worldwide as an animated cartoon large country, and the animated cartoon of Japan is loved all over the world.

It is likely to have to step forward by one step to return that "Disgrace".

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