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Villainy is not about personal benefit, of wealth or resource. Villainy is about process and result. Villainy is about anticipation and ensuing climax.

Villainy is like the production of a fine wine.

Heroes are not the end of the villain. Heroes must win, for a while, to advance the process. Heroes must experience the illusion of momentum before the revelation.

Heroes require ripening akin to grapes before a harvest.

Despair is not a simple occurrence reached at random. Despair is the sum result of all preparation, the final product of the brilliance of a malevolent mind. Despair, is the true purpose of villainy, the result which requires every nerve and fiber's attendance.

Despair is like the first sip of a fine wine which you have produced.

As you sip the wine, you feel elated, as you remember crushing them with their own faults, the looks of horror and shock upon their faces in the moment of the realization of their own inferiority, like masks upon the stage, shattered, ruined, destroyed!

Cut! Cut! Cut to pieces!