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A lot of people complain about how numerous GL threads got. For those people I have only one question, Where the fuck were you in 2006?

As bad as the GL fags got, they were no where near as bad as the Haruhi or Type-Moon fans. Back then you could come to /a/ at any given time and see absolutely nothing but threads on what Yuki was doing or crappy KING OF HEROES jokes. During the time GL was airing you could at least discuss other animes, in 2006 anything that wasn't Haruhi or FS/N went to the back so fast one would think they had clicked on /b/ by mistake.

At one point it got so bad the craze spilled onto other boards, /v/ would get flooded with NEWCOMER macros featuring Haruhi.

By comparison the CG & GL fans were remarkably civil, they only became intolerable near the end of their respective shows. After a few weeks both camps quited down.