Pokemon & Cracked Pairings

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You know girls (not women, because women actually know what they want) are the most damn frustrating things on this planet. As much as the opposite sex complains about not like being treated poorly, why in the bloody hell do they put themselves in that situation in the first place -_-;

For example, there's a bunch of girls that are moe for ShinjixHikari/PaulxDawn. Why the fuck would you want that?! All the guys has been is an asshole to everyone especially his Pokemon.What makes you think he'd treat a human girl any differently than a Pokemon? Sure it makes for hilarious dojin material of him comparing the "strengths" of various girls, and him getting beaten into a pulp after using them all.

Though, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with girls these days? They have choice, so why do they make them so damn poorly. Kinda makes you wonder if the reason why in olden days the Parents chose their partners because it's clear that nowadays that they sure as hell can't make good decisions on their own with their love lives 90 percent of the time -_-;