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ITT: Write and epic end to an anime.

Basically how I see a good end for Poke'mon, is to have the whole first 4/5ths of the episode feature all the previous and present main characters together, even Gary Motherfucking Oak, having to face a corrupt, generic villian like guy. And he has evil powers or something, essentially, it becomes a huge slug-fest of epic preportions.

Then after this, we flash foreward to the future after some long-winded speeches from eveyr character about 'teamwork' or some bullshit like that. a young trainer just goth is first poke'mon, a Charmander, but it won'tl isten to him. Soon, he's about to get his ass handed to him by a couple of Beedrill. Charmander, being a bitch, runs while the kid stands in shock. Suddenly a slightly aged Pikachu launches itself in front of them and zaps their asses to hell. A man approaches who we see from a 'behind the leg' camera shot, the kid on the other side of the screen. He calls Pikachu to him to readily snaps back. The aged man tells the kid and his Charmander they need to learn to trust each other (random anime faggotry)

The kid, recovering from this, askes who the man is. He turns around, reveiling to us and old, 40-ish year old Ash. He simply smiles and says "Trust me kid, I've been doing this for a while"

With that he turns with his Pikachu and walks away, with the ORIGINAL Poke'mon theme playing as the credits roll on this screen. All while walking, faded faces of people he's met adorn the sky.