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I just finished part 3, im confused.

-Why is Joseph, Dio and Kakyoin flying in the air in the Dio fight? Their stands dont allow them to fly.

-How come Jotaro beats Dio's stand just by punching harder and harder as he gets more wounded? Parts one and two showed the heroes beating the villains through tatics, rather than just raising their powerlevel through getting wounded.

-Part three felt more like an episodic adventure, while part one and two felt more strung together. Part three mostly consisted of a few chapters devoted to defeating some lame ass stand user using tricks, with the eventual goal of finding Dio.

-Why wasnt Dio incinerated by the sunlight when the group opened the coffin? He must have been in the room to use The World to shove The Idiot in, but he didnt get hit by the sunlight at all.