CBS buys ADV, Funimation and Geneon

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NEW YORK- Today, on April 1, 2008, CBS Corporation President and CEO Leslie Moonves announced that CBS would be buying three major American anime distributors and releasing several popular titles at a lower cost to the consumer. The three anime studios, ADV Films based in Houston, FUNimation based in Fort Worth, Texas and Geneon Entertainment of Long Beach, California paying a total of $600 million for all three studios. The three studios will now combine into one line known as "CBS Anime", with an anime-style version of the world famous CBS eye logo. "Anime is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment in the world and has a growing number of fans", says Moonves while meeting ADV President Matt Greenfield at CBS's 38-story headquarters at 51 West 52nd Street in New York City, "We are confident that CBS Anime will become the premiere anime distributor in North America. I have watched several of the popular titles available, and I am impressed. Today, April 1, 2008, will be a red-letter day in anime history." ADV's president Matt Greenfield, who was celebrating in a hot tub of champange which he purchased along with a Porsche 911 studded with rubies, stated that he was happy that anime would now be more affordable. "Instead of demanding $30 for one DVD with 4 episodes, we can now sell whole 26-episode series for $40, saving our consumers lots of money. Anime is about the fans, not the money. People make companies, companies don't make people. I can say that with confidence now. I'm set for life!" Greenfield then went back to swimming in the champagne, which a Japanese geisha girl was now adding capers for him to eat.