Gurren-Lagann to air on Cartoon Network

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HOUSTON (Reuters) - Cartoon Network has announced they will begin broadcasting the hit Japanese animation robot title Gurren Lagann during May in the former One Piece time slot. Representatives from A.D. Vision, Inc. who are producing the English language version of the program have announced they have 2 episodes completed and are now awaiting the final broadcast edits from Cartoon Network producers. Should the pilot prove successful McDonald's USA will become the main sponsor as their Japanese branch did last year during the program's broadcast in Japan. Several merchandising deals have been rumored by industry insiders at trade magazine ICv2 with speculation that this title could be the driving force to bring stability back to ADV which has fallen on hard times since January.ADV CEO John Ledford spoke regarding the program and its upcoming broadcast via conference call from the Tokyo International Anime Fair in Japan earlier today. "The program is animated by Gainax who have a long track record of proven successes within the USA anime market. Several of those successes were English versions ADV has produced.