O Cirno, Cirno, wherefore art thou Cirno?

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Where has Cirno been? /a/ just isn't the same with ought him. Here are some of my theories of what happened to him.
1. He went outside and got lost.
2. He went outside and was immediately reduced to a pile of ash.
3. He actually got a job.
4. He's working on his book.
5. He's working on an anime related project.
6. His mom got fed up and finally cut him off from the internet.
7. Someone found out where he actually lives, went, and killed him.
8. Some sort of natural disaster hit his house, cutting him off from the outside world.
9. His lack of sleep finally caught up to him and he's in a coma.
10. V&
11. Him and Meru ran off to Vegas to get married.
12. He got banned, and he's posting anonymously till it lifts.
13. He got permabanned and will soon be reincarnated in another form to continue his rule of /a/.

What do you think happened?