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Help, /a/.

I am talking over IM to the person I will probably be sharing a house with next year. At first, I thought he was a geek I could get along with, but now it turns out he is a twich-gamer and a shounenfag. What do i do?

Some bits of conversation:

Person A: im into a lot of manga/ anime :P
Anon: Oh, same.
Anon: Its not something I can generally bring myself to bring up in conversation, though.
Anon: What are you watching/reading at the moment?
Person A: finished gantz the anime
Person A: upto date on gantz manga
Person A: upto date on naruto / bleach of course

What do I do, /a/? I really need a person to stay with next year, but it will be difficult to keep my RAGE in check around him. I should have kept my powerlevel supressed until I scouted out the situation better.